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How Researchers Keep Octopi Stimulated in Captivity [VIDEO]

There’s a science behind intelligent octopi and keeping them stimulated while in captivity.

The octopus is well known as a highly intelligent and inquisitive animal, and like any other they need some kind of stimulation to keep them healthy.

Researchers at the California Academy of Sciences think creatively on a daily basis, giving the captive octopi toys, games, and puzzles to defeat in the quest to keep the animals fit.

Patrick Lee, OCB Manager at the Steinhart Aquarium said, “We want to keep it positive, keep them engaged, and keep challenging them by providing them with toys and puzzles; something that they can work on.”

Certainly aquariums and zoos are spectacular places in our world, and seeing creatures in captivity, when most of us would have no other way to see them, is amazing.

There’s still a school of thought that if these animals are able to survive in the wild, then that’s where they should exist, and not in some cage.

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How Researchers Keep Octopi Stimulated in Captivity [VIDEO]