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Keep It Cool With These Texas Summer Fishing Tips

August is notably the hottest month of the summer in Texas, and this affects the water temperatures as well.

Here are some tips to find cooler water and great catches.


Wait, what? Flats are cooler in the summer?

Well, even shallow water tends to heat up quicker, and it also cools down just as fast. So head out to the flats early in the morning or after dark for some lower water temperatures and escape the relentless heat of the day.

Promising flats are located near deeper water in channels or other deeper bodies of water, as the fish do not have to travel as far to get there as opposed to wider expanses of shallow water, which would be better in the winter.

Shaded Areas

Water underneath bridges, large trees and piers are good locations to find good water in the summer. The closer the structure providing the shade to the water, the better.

Fish will probably be hiding under the shade most of the day and night as they prefer temperatures under 115 degrees as well. They key to hooking these fish is to just cast in and under the shade with no hesitation.

Be careful of the fish getting caught under something like a bridge or something in the water, and be sure to bring enough tackle in case something is lost in the process.


Deep holes and pockets can be found anywhere in Texas waters, as they are formed by currents. Explore the water and find areas that are cooler. Fish will be hiding at any depth of that cooler area, not just at the bottom of it. So go crazy and make your casts at any length of line.


Channels are generally deeper than the surrounding waters, whether they are made artificially or by works of nature. Times of moving current are generally a good time to fish channels, as this increases the chance of finding thermoclines, or the thin and distinct layers of water that affect temperature changes.


These areas are great because of the natural feeding factor of the gulf. Most passes in Texas have jetties, and this makes fishing even more epic because fish tend to concentrate in jetties. Fishing is great at the mouth of the pass, or the Gulf side, when water is flowing out. When the water is coming in, successful fishing can be found nearer to the flats at the other end of the pass.

What are your Texas summer fishing plans?

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Keep It Cool With These Texas Summer Fishing Tips