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Whale Literally Lifts Kayakers into the Air [VIDEO]

Two kayakers had the whale encounter of a lifetime when their kayak was lifted out of the water.

These kayakers were paddling off the coast of Argentina when a group of whales broke the surface nearby. The kayakers kept paddling and the curious sea creatures came closer to investigate.

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A close-up whale encounter is incredible enough, but what happened next is almost unbelievable.


The kayakers manage to contain their excitement and remain calm as the whale lifts their entire kayak straight out of the water on its back. The whale keeps the kayakers in the air for almost 20 seconds. After gently lowering them back into the water, the whales slowly swim away and disappear back under the surface.

Whales are just as curious about humans as we are of them, but you should keep a safe distance away from them. Although they can be gentle, they can also cause devastating damage or capsize a boat.

These two kayakers will certainly remember this whale encounter for the rest of their lives.

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Whale Literally Lifts Kayakers into the Air [VIDEO]