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Kayaker Swallowed by Whirlpool [VIDEO]

This video shows just how quickly a kayaker can find themselves in danger on the river.

Kayaking river rapids can quickly turn into a very dangerous situation, especially for an inexperienced kayaker. Here, a kayaker gets sucked below the surface of the Ottawa River when he encounters a whirlpool among some rapids.

The kayaker quickly disappears from sight as he is dragged beneath the swirling water.

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Luckily, this kayaker seems to be quite experienced at navigating tricky sections of water. He doesn’t panic and emerges several seconds later and a few feet downstream, once he is past the rough water.

It goes without saying that you should never attempt to navigate rapids that are above your experience level.

Even if that next section of river looks to hold a lot of fish.

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Kayaker Swallowed by Whirlpool [VIDEO]