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Kayaker Rescues Lost Dog from Drowning [VIDEO]

‘This dog isn’t out for a casual beach swim, he’s in obvious distress. He’s shivering severely and has several bleeding wounds.’

A kayaker out fishing has an unusual visitor come swimming up for help…

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After asking the nearby fishermen if they have lost a dog, this kayaker assumes the dog just needs to get back to shore because he is clearly in distress. Once ashore, with help from his sister who happened to be at a nearby beach, they found out that the dog had an ID chip and they eventually got in touch with the owners.

Without the help of this kayaker, we can’t be certain if the dog would have made it back to shore alone, especially with that injured paw.

Thankfully, like any good sportsmen, he assisted in a much needed rescue and got this dog back to safety.

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It’s not always easy, and it may mess up your fishing, but doing the right thing is always rewarding. This kayaker did what was needed to ensure the safety of this poor pup, and we applaud him for it.

Well done, sir.

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Kayaker Rescues Lost Dog from Drowning [VIDEO]