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Kayak Fishing for Big Tarpon in Puerto Rico [VIDEO]

If catching a big tarpon from your kayak isn’t on your bucket list, watch this video and see why that’s a big mistake.

Jim Sammons, host of Seaguar’s Extreme Kayak Fishing Challenge, shows how it’s done. On the water early, he finds bait and sets out flat-lining across a lagoon near San Juan, Puerto Rico.

He’s trolling along with two lines out when the tarpon slams one of his baits. Check out this awesome footage and see why these fish are called silver kings.

Catching large fish from a kayak is quite the thrill. Whether you are battling a marlin or tarpon in saltwater, or watching a huge freshwater gar leaping into the air, you’ll know you’re in a fight.

Jim Sammons stresses the importance of using quality braid and leader line when chasing big fish like tarpon; “Having really dependable line like the braid and flouro-carbon leaders that Seaguar makes is crucial…I mean that’s your connection.”

And he needed a good connection to land that fish. It put on quite an acrobatic show, and as Sammons points out, a tarpon will often flare out its gill plates during a fight, so having high quality braid strong enough to withstand such abrasion was absolutely necessary in this case.

This guy has it figured out.

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Kayak Fishing for Big Tarpon in Puerto Rico [VIDEO]