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Kayak Fisherman Lands Monster 46-Pound Pike in Denmark

Think you can’t land big fish from a small craft? Watching this kayak fisherman haul in a huge pike might change your opinion.

While fishing from a Hobie kayak in Denmark, Finn Sloth Hansen was able to land a huge pike weighing over 46 pounds.

Watch the video to see the big fish strike the Wolfcreek Curly Tail and get landed by the lucky kayak fisherman.

Wow! That is truly a huge pike.

Kayak fishing for large predator fish is all the rage, and the pike’s voracious appetite and aggressive temperament make it a perfect target for kayak anglers.

Most of the pike being caught right now are pulled through a thick layer of ice, but it won’t be long until spring thaws open your favorite body of water and allows you to get your kayak back out of storage.

Who knows, maybe you’ll even catch a huge pike like the one in the video.

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Kayak Fisherman Lands Monster 46-Pound Pike in Denmark