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Kayak Fisherman Lands Goliath Grouper With Handline [VIDEO]

Sea kayaks weigh 52 pounds. This goliath grouper weighs 100-plus pounds. This angler definitely has something to brag about.

Handline fishing is tough stuff. You have a direct connection to whatever is on the line, but you also have no reel, no lock, no flexible pole to absorb the jerks on the line.

This typically isn't an issue, so long as the fish on the end of the line is a small one. What if it outweighs your boat by a good 50 pounds? As the video above proves, it's no easy task.

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These fishermen are fishing catch and release, and they helped out the local scientific community by tagging this particular grouper for further study.

"Chew On This" is a locally-produced Saltwater Fishing show out of Ft. Myers, Florida, where the goliath grouper was caught.

Grouper fishing is a big deal down there. In fact, several laws have recently been proposed to extend grouper fishing season because the fish tend to be, shall we say, annoying?

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Kayak Fisherman Lands Goliath Grouper With Handline [VIDEO]