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How to Kayak Fish and Maintain Stability with Jeff Little

Jeff Little of Wilderness Systems Kayaks will show you how to kayak fish the right way in this video.

Not all anglers know how to kayak fish without compromising their own stability while catching a fish, but Jeff Little knows a thing or two about this type of fishing.

If you’re new to kayak fishing or just want to know how to kayak fish better, watch this video and learn more great tips from a professional.

According to these guys, the best way to test the stability of your kayak it to remove all the gear from it, go into the water, and find the tipping points by rocking it side to side.

Two important aspects to note when learning how to kayak fish is the speed and width of your kayak, as these elements must be compromised when selecting your vessel.

As you just saw, Jeff was learning and pulling back repeatedly to find the “Point of No Return.” When testing your own kayak remember where these points are so you don’t fall in to the water right when that lunker gets hooked.


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How to Kayak Fish and Maintain Stability with Jeff Little