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Kayak the Big South Fork in Kentucky [VIDEO]

The Big South Fork of the Cumberland River is a beautiful area and possibly one of the most scenic rivers east of the Rocky Mountains. Added to the beauty is some of the best white water kayaking around.

With more and more attention being placed on fishing-rigged kayaks, we tend forget the exhilaration that comes from the more sporty predecessors of our fishing rigs. Streamlined and fast, these kayaks handle river currents and rapids with ease and stability.

Whitewater kayaks are specially built for this type of recreation. With the capability to roll and not take on water, the kayaker can have fun with ease of paddling all day long.

It’s important to remember that the fishing rigged kayaks and other sit on types are not designed for rapids and should not be used in areas as seen in this video.

Big South Fork was recognized by the Department of the Interior as a National Scenic and Recreational River due to it’s unique opportunities. There are various campgrounds and cabins available throughout the region that covers parts of both Kentucky and Tennessee. Go here for more information on recreation possibilities.

Whitewater kayaking is enjoyed by thousands every day around the world.  Most attention is paid to this sport during summer Olympics, but numerous outfitters and guide services offer this type of sport.

River running in a kayak allows the paddler to become one with the flow and continuity of the water and have an almost transcendental experience.


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Kayak the Big South Fork in Kentucky [VIDEO]