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Kayak Angling for Marlin Takes Guts [VIDEO]

If you’ve ever considered going kayak angling for marlin, watch this and learn from a pro.

This gentleman, known by the YouTube handle isizinyo, has uploaded several videos of he and his friends kayak angling in and around Coffs Harbour in Australia. Home to plenty of large game fish, the waters surrounding Coffs have become this guy’s favorite location for shooting great fishing footage with his GoPro cameras.

This gem, uploaded just a couple of weeks ago, shows the highlights of a 90-minute struggle between himself and a gigantic marlin. As you watch this video, keep reminding yourself that he’s on a kayak.

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If you want to get the full effect, set this video to full screen. Or, better yet, connect to a larger monitor or big screen television, and sit back and enjoy.

Right around the 3:50 mark the marlin makes a triumphant appearance on screen. We’re not sure we’d have been able to keep our cool; that’s one big fish!

The most interesting part, beyond the fantastic marlin leap, was that the angler went out of his way, with his buddy’s help, to ensure that the marlin was revived before releasing it. A 15-minute two and an extra sore hand were small prices to pay to guarantee that marlin carries on with his life.

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Kayak Angling for Marlin Takes Guts [VIDEO]