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Kayak Angler Sets Unofficial World Record with Massive Shark [VIDEO]

A Swedish kayak angler has set an unofficial record for the heaviest fish ever caught from a kayak.

Professional angler Joel Abrahamsson set the pending record with a 1,247-pound Greenland shark he caught on Sept. 1 off the coast of Norway’s Andørja Island. The current world record is a 400-pound salmon shark caught in Alaska back in 2008.

Abrahamsson was determined to break the record, but he also wanted to catch a Greenland shark for scientists to study. Greenland sharks are a rare, deep-dwelling species that are seldom caught by fishermen. A research team and TV crew accompanied Abrahamsson on his mission to document the epic catch.

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Abrahamsson hooked the massive shark at a depth of 1,600 feet and battled with it for nearly 90 minutes before it surfaced. Abrahamsson told the Daily Star that it “was the weirdest fish fight of my life.”

“The shark was taking line on a pre-set 50lb drag and since I was strapped in to the equipment I was scared of going over,” Abrahamsson said.

After he pulled the shark to the surface, Abrahamsson passed it off to researchers who took some measurements on their boat. They measured the shark at 13 feet, and estimated its weight using a formula instead of a scale. The heaviest fish caught by kayak weighed on a certified scale was a 225-pound blue Marlin caught in Hawaii.

The shark was safely released back into the sea. Scientists estimate it was more than 200 years old.

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Kayak Angler Sets Unofficial World Record with Massive Shark [VIDEO]