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Kayak Angler Rips Bass After Bass out of the Water


Ripping bass from the water like this kayak angler are what dreams are made of. 

When we throw our gear into the truck and head to our local fishing spot we hope the fish gods smile down upon us. Apparently the fish gods must really favor this angler as he slams bass after bass with no end in sight.

Casey Bogers recently hit up a friend’s family farm pond in Itasca, Texas. The two acre pond hadn’t seen much action in quite a while and that paid off big for this kayak angler. His first cast seems to set off a chain reaction that keep the bass coming for more.

Watch and prepare to be jealous.

I don’t know if it was dumb luck that he found that spot right off or what, but catching four fish on the first four casts was incredible. Stuff like that happening would make even a professional angler jealous.

I am not sure exactly how many bass he caught after those original four, but it looks to be quiet a few. However many it was I’m sure his arm was sore from reeling them all in.

This is why I will take a small backwoods pond over a large lake almost any day of the week. They are just so much fun to fish.

While they may not produce the biggest fish, the quantity that most can offer will wear you out. If you fish long enough you will usually find the king of the pond and when you get them in they are impressive.

The next time you are driving down the road be looking for these old farm ponds. If you see a good one stop and ask for permission to fish it, even for a hour or so. I guarantee you won’t regret it.


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Kayak Angler Rips Bass After Bass out of the Water