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Kayak Angler Nearly Loses Fishing Pole to Monster Northern Pike

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Who said that landing a monster northern pike from a kayak was easy?

Fishing for northern pike is nearly guaranteed to be a great adventure. You can almost always count on an exciting attack on your lure, the fight will be incredible, and they’re pretty impressive for photos.

Landing a northern pike from a kayak is another thing that’s almost always guaranteed to be a difficult process.

Way to stay with it and get the fish in the boat, NDYakAngler!

Depending on the way that you’re planning on fishing for northern pike on your next fishing trip, having the right gear to battle these monsters is essential.

The great thing about trying to catch pike is that they’re an extremely aggressive predator and they’ll go after some of the flashiest tackle you can throw at them. The downside is that they’re basically the equivalent to catching a barracuda and have razor-sharp teeth, so better break out the heavy stuff.

Do yourself a favor and prepare some wire leaders ahead of time, it will save you time and energy doing this on the water. Also, bringing along a couple of spoons for casting will allow you to pitch lures into tight spots and weeds with ease.

Check out the Mepps Syclops Spoon for a reliable lure on your next pike trip.


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Kayak Angler Nearly Loses Fishing Pole to Monster Northern Pike