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Kayak Angler Killed In Shark Attack Off Coast Of Maui

A 57-year-old Washington man was killed in a shark attack while kayak fishing along the coast of Southern Maui on Monday morning.

Patrick A. Briney of Stevenson, Washington was fishing with a friend around 9:00 a.m. in the waters of Maui's Makena State Recreational Park when a shark bit off his leg, fatally wounding him.

Briney was fishing from his boat using artificial lures to attract bait fish, and had his feet dangling in the water when the incident occurred.

His friend, who was 500 yards away, heard Briney's screams, quickly paddled to the scene, applied a makeshift tourniquet, and flagged down a nearby scuba charter vessel.

The vessel rushed Briney to a nearby boat landing, but he did not make it to the shore alive.

The incident is the eighth shark attack and the second shark attack reported in Maui this year.

Hawaii's Department of Natural Land and Resources recently reported that shark attacks in the state are on the rise.

"We are not sure why these bites are occurring more frequently than normal, especially around Maui," said William J. Aila, Hawaii DNLR Chairperson, according to a recent press release posted on Hawaii News Now.

The species of the shark involved in the attack remains unidentified.

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Kayak Angler Killed In Shark Attack Off Coast Of Maui