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Kayak Angler Gets a Massive Surprise from Beneath [VIDEO]

This Florida kayak angler saw a mystery fish headed toward him. When he stuck his camera underwater, he couldn’t believe what he saw.

There’s wow, and then there is WOW. Kayak fisherman Adam Fisk, from the extreme angling outfit Team Rebel Fishing, was out in his kayak fishing in about 400 feet of water. He was off the southeastern coast of Florida when he saw some peculiar activity behind his kayak.

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After watching for a minute or so, he could not determine what he was looking at, which is very strange for someone who is out on the water every day. He got his GoPro out and stuck it underneath his kayak. That’s when the mystery behemoth came into sight.


A massive whale shark had come right into his drift, and appeared next to his kayak. Fisk estimated it at around 20 feet in length. As he was filming it, the massive plankton-eating shark glided right beneath his kayak, its dorsal fin just grazing the bottom of his kayak (talk about a new underwear moment) before it finally kept moving away from him, and continuing on its leisurely swim.

He tried to remain as still as possible to not spook the gentle giant, preventing it from flipping his kayak. Oh, Florida… You never cease to amaze.

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Kayak Angler Gets a Massive Surprise from Beneath [VIDEO]