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Kayak Angler Bitten By a Hammerhead Shark in Malibu [VIDEO]

A California kayaker was bitten by a hammerhead shark.

A California fisherman, Dylan Marks, was bitten by a hammered shark while shark fishing. However, he has an interesting perspective on the the event. When asked about the ordeal he said he would "never use" the word attack to describe what happened to him.

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Marks was bitten Saturday when he was fishing for shark a mile off the coast. The bite occurred after he caught a 10-foot hammerhead and the shark bit his foot which was hanging over the side of his kayak.

He stated, "I was scared when I saw the tendons and stuff exposed, but I was like, 'I've got to wrap this up and get to shore.'"

Thankfully, Marks was able to wave down a fishing boat to take him to shore. He was later airlifted to the hospital. He told reporters that he doesn't feel he's a victim or suffered an attack.

This event has changed his views on sharks overall. In fact, it's enough to keep him from shark fishing in the future.

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Kayak Angler Bitten By a Hammerhead Shark in Malibu [VIDEO]