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Kate and Pippin Have a Snow Day! [VIDEO]

Kate and Pippin are the sweetest odd animal friendship around. See them explore the woods in the snow. 

Remember Kate and Pip? Kate is the great dane that adopted Pippin, an orphaned fawn at the time, and they have been best pals ever since.

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Today they have the day off to explore the snowy woods.


Watch these two explore the woods together in the snow. They are both curious and are happy to take the day off and just roam the woods on their snow day.

To the accompaniment of some soothing music, this becomes a sweet, calming viewing experience.

See their reaction to an eagle flying overhead, Pip getting a back scratch, both Pip and Kate eating some bread snacks, and the two animals just bounding around together being the best of friends. What a fun day!

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Kate and Pippin Have a Snow Day! [VIDEO]