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Karl Malone Goes Bear Hunting

NBA Hall of Fame player Karl Malone is also a bear hunter.

Malone, who earned the nickname "The Mail Man" for delivering points on the basketball court, looks like he can also deliver a bow shot in the field.

Bleacher Report shared this pic of Malone posing with a bear he shot during a recent bow hunt with his son Karl Malone, Jr.

Image via karl Malone, Jr./Bleacher Report
Image via Bleacher Report

Malone isn't the only basketball player who enjoys the great outdoors. Back in January, Michael Jordan was spotted fishing for Spanish Mackerel off Florida's Treasure Coast. And earlier this month, we shared this photo of NBA players Reggie Jackson, Evan Turner and Paul George catching fish prior to the NBA playoffs.

We're glad to see that some of America's top athletes are also outdoorsmen.

Who's your favorite pro athlete who also hunts and fishes? Share your pick in the comments section.

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Karl Malone Goes Bear Hunting