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Kansas State University to Allow Concealed Carry in 2017

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Facebook, Students for Concealed Carry

Kansas State plans to join growing list of college campuses allowing students to concealed carry.

Although concealed carry is allowed by law in Kansas, as well as Oregon, Wisconsin, Arkansas and Mississippi, schools in these states have the power to place limitations on who can carry and where. Taking a step in favor of concealed carry, Kansas State University has unveiled new plans for policy changes that would allow concealed carry on the Manhattan, Kansas, campus.

Kansas is a constitutional carry state, meaning anyone can carry a concealed handgun without a permit. But the student-run newspaper The Collegian reports students and staff are currently prohibited from having firearms on campus.

The Kansas State Weapons Advisory Work Group has been diving into the issue of campus carry ever since Kansas approved constitutional carry in 2015. The board will submit an amended weapons policy for the university to the Kansas Board of Regents for approval this month.

Back in August, the draft of these revisions was released to the public. Students and staff would not be able to open carry; firearms would have to stay concealed, and students living on campus would be responsible for the safe storage of their firearms.

Campus carry has increasingly made the news the last couple of years. In June and August, Texas made nation-wide headlines by allowing students with concealed carry permits to carry on campus. Predictably, there was some backlash from both students and professors.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton eventually stepped in and warned University of Texas professors they were not allowed to make classroom rules banning firearms because it would violate the new state law. Professors found to be in violation would be subject to discipline.

It’s definitely a hot-button issue, and the people interviewed by The Collegian seem divided in their responses. It’s likely the proposed policy at K-State will make more headlines before it actually takes effect.


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Kansas State University to Allow Concealed Carry in 2017