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Is Kansas Ready for Permit-Free Concealed Carry? [VIDEO]

Senate Bill 45 proposes to give Kansans permit-free concealed carry.

Kansans have historically been able to open carry firearms without the need for a permit.

Concealed carry on the other hand does require a permit, and has been that way for about a decade. Senate Bill 45 is looking to change that by removing the need for a permit.

41 Action News talks with the main supporter of the bill and Kansas senate majority leader Terry Bruce (R) about the proposed legislation.


Bruce says, “Each year we’ve relaxed some of the standards or some of the prohibitions as to where you could concealed carry, and we’ve had good success with it.”

With the senate majority leader backing the bill, there is a good chance it will pass to the next step. Gun laws across the nation continue to be up for debate.

If you have any concerns or want to voice your opinion one way or the other, contact your local state representative and let your government work for you.

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Is Kansas Ready for Permit-Free Concealed Carry? [VIDEO]