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Kangaroo Punched Woman So Hard, Her Breast Implants Burst

Deccan Chronicle

In a story that we thought we'd never hear, a woman awaits surgery after being viciously attacked by an unprovoked kangaroo in Australia.

In South Australia, two friends were out for a scenic bike ride on a trail near the Clare Valley. Sharon Heinrich was bounding ahead when she noticed a kangaroo she nicknamed Skip lingering near the embankment.

As the Deccan Chronicle reported, Skip jumped onto Sharon while her friend, Helen, watched in both shock and fascination. The kangaroo then started beating up Sharon, using her as a punching bag. He was taller and heavier than her, and when he launched off her, he cracked three of her ribs.

Being the good sport she is, Sharon gave a hilarious interview to a local station.

He then attacked Helen who suffered from a concussion and whiplash, but it was Sharon's injuries that are making headlines. In addition to the three cracked ribs, the kangaroo ruptured her breast implants. She is undergoing surgery to fix the problem and though saline in the implants are not harmful, the silicone builds up in the area where it was released.

She hopes people aren't deterred from using the Riesling Trail where they were biking, and is in good spirits despite the recent attack by Skip.


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Kangaroo Punched Woman So Hard, Her Breast Implants Burst