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Kahr Announces New Carbon Fiber 9mm

The CW9 by Kahr is now available in black carbon fiber.

In their latest announcement, Kahr Firearms Group released news of a black carbon fiber option of their popular small frame 9 mm CW9. A popular choice for a concealed carry firearm, the CW9 is well-known for its simplicity and reliability. Add to that a new carbon fiber option and you've got one impressive little sidearm.

Kahr suggests that the textured weave of the carbon fiber provides a three dimensional appearance to the gun. Another added feature for the Black Carbon Fiber edition of the CW9 is a textured grip that is meant to provide greater confidence in the hand of users.

The new pistol measures 5.9" overall and weights in at a lean 15.8 oz. It features a matte stainless slide sitting atop the carbon fiber print polymer frame. The new CW9 is also the only gun in the Kahr lineup that features a drift adjustable white 3-dot site. Other standard features include a conventional 1-10 right-hand twist, trigger cocking DAO, and a passive striker block with no mag disconnect.

MSRP for the new Black Carbon Fiber CW9 is $495.

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Kahr Announces New Carbon Fiber 9mm