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Kaboom! This Gun Barrel Splits Like a Classic Cartoon [VIDEO]

Watch this black powder rifle blows up in the shooter’s face.

This rifle comes apart in true cartoon style and gives everyone quite the scare.

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What can be scarier than a rifle blowing up in your face? Not too much that we can think of. The story is, the black powder rifle was a gift and this was the first time firing it. Upon firing the rifle, the gun barrel split apart violently and sent the shooter running for cover from shrapnel.

What could have caused this? In a muzzleloading rifle, using true smokeless powder instead of black powder or a specifically-made substitute could cause catastrophic failure. Also, if the bullet is not rammed tight against the powder charge it can cause high pressures. Too much powder will certainly take apart any firearm, as well.

Whatever the cause was, always be careful and use proper ear and eye protection at all times shooting any firearm.

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Kaboom! This Gun Barrel Splits Like a Classic Cartoon [VIDEO]