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K9 with Multiple Gunshot Wounds Reunited with Handler

This wounded K9 is finally reunited with her handler after a horrific incident caused them to become separated.

It all went down during a deadly shootout on Wednesday morning that would ultimately kill Sebastian County Officer Cpl. William Cooper and injure Hacket Police Chief Darrell Spells. During the incident the K9, Kina, was struck with bullets as well.

Some of the bullets narrowly missed Kina's vital organs by mere inches. This reunion came a few days after she was treated for her injuries.

While Kina is expected to make a full recovery, she was still being treated for some of her injuries and symptoms of sever dehydration during the time she was reunited with her handler. After the gunfight she disappeared and left officers worried due to blood found in her kennel.

A search went out, as crews used ATVs and helicopters to try to locate Kina. Thankfully, she turned up a few days later and was able to be treated for her injuries.

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K9 with Multiple Gunshot Wounds Reunited with Handler