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Just When You Thought Trout Fishing Was Easy… [VIDEO]

What’s for dinner? This guy has a unique trout fishing approach.

Trout fishing is known as a fun and easy way to satisfy your angling desires. As long as you’re using the right equipment and fishing in a spot where you know trout live, you’re going to eventually catch something.

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This gentleman, known by his YouTube moniker Douglas Owen, didn’t need any special equipment (except for his swimming trunks) to grab this nice sized rainbow.

And when we say “grab,” we mean “grab.” Check out the video, and make the call: fake or not?

Yeah yeah, it’s probably a fake, but who cares? That’s still a hilarious video clip and a model angler if you ask us.

“Nice fish, Doug!”

Have you ever caught a fish bare handed?

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Just When You Thought Trout Fishing Was Easy… [VIDEO]