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Just How Dangerous is the King Cobra?

Want to know more about the largest venomous snake in the world? Then look no further.

King Cobras are very well known around the world. Their unique head, cool name, and roles in movies have turned them into one of the super stars of snakes.

Reaching lengths of up to 18 feet in Thailand, the King Cobra is the largest venomous snake on the planet. But, do you know much about the snake other than that?

BBC runs you through a short video explaining some really cool facts about the King Cobra while the snake shows off its flattened hood by spreading out its neck ribs.

The King Cobra is no joke and his appearance doesn’t change that. The snake just looks scary, and the flattened neck lets people know he is one to be reckoned with.

This video is taken in South India, and the snake being filmed is about 12 feet long. The record in South India was recorded at more than 15 feet. Talk about frightening.

They say the King Cobra has enough venom to kill an elephant or at least 15-20 human beings. Pretty amazing when you think about the devastation it can cause with one bite.

Very alert, the snake has incredible eyesight and often is gone before humans even know it is there. Thankfully, this is the case, because the King Cobra could be public enemy number one if it so chose to be.

The man in the video says the snake “Gets the hell out of there as fast as it can, just the way a good snake should” and we couldn’t agree more.

Because of its alertness and this tactic, you rarely hear of them biting people. Which is a very good thing for the people who live in their areas.

What a beast!

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Just How Dangerous is the King Cobra?