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Just How Bulletproof is Line-X?

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You’ve probably heard the claim before, but today you get to find out the definitive answer to the question of just how bulletproof Line-X really is.

Line-X is not a new thing; it’s been around for a while. Some people have even claimed that covering some objects that are normally quite susceptible to damage from bullets with Line-X actually makes those things bulletproof. Today, thanks to Abby Casey and Rated Red, you get to find out exactly how bulletproof Line-X can make things.

Check it out as she tests out how bulletproof Line-X will make everything from styrofoam to car doors.

Well, while Line-X might make basically anything look bulletproof, turns out it doesn’t really seem to make anything bulletproof. We can accept the fact that it doesn’t make styrofoam or a plastic pipe cap bulletproof, but if the claim had any truth to it, it would have definitely have had a little more of an impact on the car door’s ability to stop a bullet. If you are looking to make something look really cool and possibly even bulletproof, then Line-X can help, but if you actually want to stop bullets, you’ll have to look elsewhere.

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Just How Bulletproof is Line-X?