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This Jumping Mako Shark Puts on Quite a Show

This crazy mako shark is a jumping fool. Four leaps that take it completely out of the water and high into the air. It's the jumping king of the shark world.

Matt Watson, of the Ultimate Fishing Show or the ITM Fishing Show, grabbed his phone to quickly film this mako shark at the end of a fisherman's line. It's quite a fight, as the mako makes like an acrobat and leaps wildly to try to throw the hook.

The mako is the fastest shark in the world, swimming at an incredible 60 mph when chasing prey. This kind of acceleration helps the mako leap to incredible heights. They can jump as high as 29-30 feet. Mako are jumpers, and scientists are in a quandary as to why they do it. It is thought that perhaps they jump in order to seek prey above the surface of the water.

Mako also tend to have lifespans of 28 to 35 years, although they seem to be living longer that that in many cases. Another curious development that has scientists stymied.

In any event, just look at how quickly this mako peeled line from the anglers reel and how handily it rocketed into the air.

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This Jumping Mako Shark Puts on Quite a Show