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Here Are 20 Grill and Gear Picks for an Ideal July 4th BBQ

Execute the ultimate July 4th BBQ with these, and just add meat.


Sadly, the BBQ Donut above isn't even available as of right now, but it should serve as motivation to break out the grill and cook some barbecue this July Fourth and all summer long.

The rest of these supplies, including pit barbecues, utensil kits, smaller camp cooking gear, marinades and more, will get you set to turn any typical BBQ into a feast, a party and a kitchen to get it all done in.

View the slideshow to see our picks.

1. BBQ Piezo Electric Safety Igniter

Gas grills and camp stoves always have an element of danger involved, and you can decrease that risk with the BBQ Piezo Electric Safety Igniter. It has a 15-inch wire that will keep your hands well away from the ignition area, and doesn't require batteries or fuel.

2. Brinkmann® Tailgate Portable Propane Grill

Go all out with the 4-burner Brinkmann® Tailgate Portable Propane Grill for the ultimate in ease and meat cooking power. There's a 490 square-inch primary cooking area with a stainless steel griddle and it all runs on a typical butane tank.

Wheels make it easy to slide around, and an electronic ignition will work even when the weather isn't as nice as it should be for the Fourth of July.

3. Cabela's Four-Piece BBQ Tool Set

The Cabela's Four-Piece BBQ Tool Set has everything you'll need to flip venison burgers or hog ribs, cook roasts and clean your grate.

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Add a sharp knife to the equation and you won't be able to grill anything these tools can't handle.

4. Cabela's Stainless Steel Tabletop Grill

Get the perfect campsite or picnic area grill with Cabela's Stainless Steel Tabletop Grill, and even though it's on the small side at 222 square-inches, it can still handle enough for a few people.

Cook sausages, burgers, or even smaller organs at the hunting site with this little-but-capable gas grill.

5. BBQ / Campsite Organizer

Have you ever struggled with all your necessary accessories for camp and hunt cooking, knowing full well you need all of them, but can' keep track or organize them?

Enter the BBQ / Campsite Organizer, which keeps all your vitals right where you need them, clamped to the picnic table or grill itself.

6. Weber® One-Touch® Gold Charcoal Grill

You can't go wrong with the tried and true Weber grill, and the One-Touch® Gold Charcoal Grill is one of their best versions.

363 square inches of cooking space and a plated steel hinged grate, which makes for easy charcoal adding, will bring the BBQ excuses in droves. Get one in time for the Fourth of July!

7. Plowboys BBQ Bovine Bold Seasoning

What good is a BBQ is you don't have the right seasoning? Plowboys BBQ Bovine Bold Seasoning works great on beef, but you can't go wrong adding it to venison steaks or burgers.

It's got a Kansas City flavor to it, and if you try it you'll likely end up using it in all your BBQ.

8. Lodge® Cast Iron Barbecue Grill

Sometimes a grill grate won't work perfectly, and a Lodge® Cast Iron Barbecue Grill makes more sense. Things like grilled vegetables, shellfish and game birds are much easier to barbecue with one of these.

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9. YETI Roadie 20

You know you need a place to keep your meat ready for cooking, or at least keep your drinks cold.

Why would you use anything other than a YETI? The Roadie 20 is just the tip of the iceberg, and things only get bigger from there.

10. CASTLECREEK® BBQ Firepit with Log Rack

Double up on the pit and grill combo that is the CASTLECREEK® BBQ Firepit. The versatility is pretty great, it's like a campfire and a meat cooker in one.

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It's small enough to bring to a camping site, or stick it in your backyard. It works on so many levels.

11. YETI Tundra 35

We told you there were more YETI options... Look at the YETI Tundra 35 and its 20-can size.

If the industry-leading ice retention doesn't win you over, the 5-year warranty should.

12. Camp Chef Explorer 3X Stove

This Camp Chef Explorer 3X Stove is great for a hunting cabin or campsite, and can help prepare some of the more involved meals you've always hoped to prepare away from your home kitchen.

Heavy cast iron cookware will be supported with this grill just fine, and the sturdy steel legs slide off for transport.

13. Speedy Plus™ Instant Marinater

Speed your marinading time significantly with the Speedy Plus™ Instant Marinater and have tasty steaks or fowl much faster.

You can fit 12 boneless chicken breasts inside, and it puts the meat under pressure and open up marinading capabilities not reached in a freezer bag overnight. Imagine how much this will come in handy on camping or hunting trips!

14. Camp Chef Reversible Grill and Griddle

Go grill or griddle and give yourself something perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner over flames with the Camp Chef Reversible Grill and Griddle.

Its cast iron construction and versatility maximizes space, time and effort.

15. Worthington Cylinder Propane Bulk Tanks

You'll need gas for a lot of the grills on this list, so try the Worthington Cylinder Propane Bulk Tanks and stock up with door-delivered tanks.

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16. Camp Chef Big Gas Grill Three-Burner Stove

This Camp Chef Big Gas Grill Three-Burner Stove will be the "heart of your outdoor cooking center."

It's easily transported and great for a small porch, RV or lakeside camping area.

17. Stainless Steel Mesh BBQ Fry Pan

If you're the kind of outdoor chef who likes adding vegetables and the like to grilled meals, the Stainless Steel Mesh BBQ Fry Pan is a must have.

The 12-inch pan is easily cleaned, and has a detachable lid as well.

18. Cabela's Competition Barbecue Rubs

Cabela's knows hunting, and they know wild game as well. Trust in their experience with the Competition Barbecue Rubs selection.

A wide variety of rubs will get your game ready for the grill and add that special flavor that may even win over a venison hater.

19. Bradley Smoker® 2 Rack Electric Smoker

Everyone knows smokers bring out the best flavor in wild game, and this Bradley Smoker® 2 Rack Electric Smoker brings the flavor to you.

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Fish, meat, even nuts or vegetables can be smoked on its 312 square inches of cooking space.

20. CanCooker™ Outdoor Steam Cooker

You may not be familiar with the CanCooker™ Outdoor Steam Cooker, but one look and you'll wonder why you haven't.

The 14-inch tall, 4-pound can will steam full meals with ease, and you'll be figuring out your next CanCooker meal before you finish.

BBQ Donut

Who are we kidding, a BBQ Donut would be the ultimate way to cook some grub and enjoy the great outdoors. They're really only available for rental, but if you find a place that has them, you'll be in for a treat.

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