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Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Against Ann Arbor Deer Cull

A judge has thrown out a lawsuit challenging Ann Arbor’s plan to cull deer in public parks.

The city of Ann Arbor, Michigan has a deer problem. At least that’s what many residents and city officials believe. The city’s parks are being over run with deer thanks to favorable winter conditions the past few years and the city’s ban on hunting deer within city limits.

The population has risen to the level where it is now a nuisance. To solve the problem, the city is planning to continue an annual deer cull over the next three years. The past winter kicked off the first year of the four year cull program. There were no safety incidents during the first event.

However, that hasn’t stopped some residents from expressing concern. Some residents are concerned whether the program and deer cull measures are necessary. The city agreed to hire federal sharp shooters to attract and kill as many as 100 deer. A total of 63 deer were successfully harvested through the program last winter.

Some residents of the city argued that the cull was unnecessary and would turn the public parks into killing fields. These residents filed a lawsuit in January that claims the city quickly and quietly approved the cull program for a problem that doesn’t exist. In July, a judge dismissed the lawsuit. City Attorney, Stephen Postema, released a statement after the decision saying that he was not surprised. The case “had no factual or legal basis,” Postema stated.

The city’s 14 parks and nature areas are shut down for use during the cull to minimize danger to the public. Only those entering the park illegally are at risk.

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Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Against Ann Arbor Deer Cull