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The Joy of Packing Meat on Eberlestock’s F1 Mainframe [VIDEO]


The Eberlestock F1 Mainframe pack is a backcountry hunter’s favorite. Here’s how to secure your kill to the frame and pack it out.

There’s an old saying that goes something like, “The real work begins after you pull the trigger.”

That saying, of course, refers to the physical labor that goes into field dressing and packing meat from your kill back to camp or home.

Dan Pickar of Eastman’s Hunting Journals offers a few quick tips on how to properly secure an elk quarter to an Eberlestock F1 Mainframe to help make the haul-out experience as smooth and safe as possible.

The Eberlestock F1 enables you to make a tight and firmly-secured load, which is what you want when hiking over uneven terrain. The packframe and harness sytem is also adustable for your body type, helping to place the weight of the load where it’s most comfortable for you.

The strength and versatility of the F1 have made it a popular backcountry pack system. The unit retails for around $170 with over a dozen add-on accessories so that you can create the backpack unit for your particular hunting situation.

There’s another old saying: “Go in light and come out heavy.” Properly securing the load you’re hauling makes the second half of that goal much easier.

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The Joy of Packing Meat on Eberlestock’s F1 Mainframe [VIDEO]