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Jordan Shipley Reveals Secret to NFL Success: A Brand New YETI Product

YETI Coolers is proud to announce a new product that gave Jordan Shipley an athletic edge. 

Former NFL Player Jordan Shipley has finally revealed his secret to athletic success that propelled him into the NFL. What could this all natural product be? Well, it’s actually elk milk or “Melk.” Shipley has been developing his perfect formula for years and have mastered the technique of getting fresh melk.

Learn about Shipley’s fascination with melk.

Shipley had this to say about sharing his trade secrets to the world, “When YETI approached me about bringing melk to the masses, I was elated. They’ve created a solid product, from the pumping ducts to the nipple attachment.”

Roy Seiders, YETI co-founder, stated:

“When we were first contacted by Jordan to sample Melk we were hesitant. But that singular tasting experience left us with a pretty good taste in our mouths, which is why we’re introducing the Melk Gift Pack”


YETI Melk Gift Package | April Fools Prank 2016

YETI has made a Melk Gift Pack to get started with harvesting some fresh elk milk. The package includes three Rambler Bottles, the Suckler, and a nipple attachment. The package has been developed to cater to anyone who wants to start milking elk. The package starts at $401.16 and is available starting today.

For a limited time, YETI is including some of Shipley’s private Melk stash so fans can experience some of the world’s most premier elk milk. Discover all the reviews and specs of the revolutionary milk product that will change training and the dairy industry forever.

Can’t wait to get this gift package, better start working on elk whispering skills.

Also, this is an April Fools prank so please don’t try and order this.



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Jordan Shipley Reveals Secret to NFL Success: A Brand New YETI Product