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Is the Joker Barrel the Longest Pistol Barrel Ever? [VIDEO]

Remember that super long-barreled revolver that Jack Nicholson carried as the Joker in 1989’s ‘Batman’ film? We think this one’s got it beat.

Jeremy S. is the gun enthusiast who uploaded this video of what he “lovingly” calls his Joker Barrel or Hobo Barrel. He attached a just-over-one-meter-long barrel to his CZ P-09 to have a little fun.

Jeremy was looking to increase the P-09’s standard equipped barrel of 4.5 inches by an additional 3 inches, but could only get a meter-length stock barrel that he’d have to cut down to size.

He lets us in on the fun before cutting the pipe down to a more realistic and usable length.

You might ask, “Is it still a handgun or pistol with that obscenely long barrel?”

Yes, it’s still considered a pistol, because a pistol is defined as a gun designed to be fired with one hand. That definition would change as soon as a stock is added, regardless of barrel length. Jeremy finds that the pistol barrel maintains good accuracy and increases velocity as demonstrated with a chronograph.

Jeremy also admits that a handgun barreled like this might have some drawbacks for conceal-carry.

“It conceals just fine,” he says. “But it’s tough to draw!” he grunts, as he struggles to pull the gun from his pant leg.

The “Joker Barrel” looks like a blast to shoot. I’d be tempted to keep it as is and not cut it down, just so I could bring it to the shooting range now and again. No doubt it’d be all the talk at the range.

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Is the Joker Barrel the Longest Pistol Barrel Ever? [VIDEO]