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Jointed Jitterbug Breaks Rhode Island Largemouth Bass State Record

Brandon Migliore tossed a topwater lure at night. The result was a new Rhode Island largemouth bass state record!

Brandon Migliore and fishing buddy Matt Sheldon decided to try their luck with largemouth bass on the night of April 30. Tossing 3 1/2-inch black jointed Jitterbugs, Migliore struck pay dirt on his very first cast - a beauty 8-pound-plus fish. Talk about a premonition!

The long time fishing friends were specifically targeting a new state record this night and are well-versed in catching oversized largemouth bass on jitterbugs once the sun goes down. It didn't take long before Migliore was wrestling with a behemoth of a fish.

The current state record largemouth bass is 10-pounds six-ounces. It has stood for 25 years. Migliore's brute weighed an incredible 11 pounds 3.2 ounces, and once verified, will take over as the new fish to beat.

There were a few anxious moments, however, after the fish was brought to the net. An old scale they had with them showed a weight of 10 pounds, five ounces, which was just shy of the record. It wasn't until the next day when certified scales arrived that the duo were assured they eclipsed the current record.

Topwater lures at night during the spring. Who would have guessed!?


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Jointed Jitterbug Breaks Rhode Island Largemouth Bass State Record