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The Johnson M1941 Rifle is a Collector’s Favorite [VIDEO]

The Johnson M1941 Rifle was well ahead of its time.

Melvin Johnson’s invention was meant to fight along side the M1 Garand Rifle in combat.

Watch this video to get the whole story of this fascinating rifle.

The Johnson M1941 rifle had quite a few fans with the soldiers in World War Two. For those soldiers that could find one, the Johnson .30/06 put down semi-automatic fire where it counted. There was even a light machine gun version used by paratroopers.

While this rifle could not use a bayonet as it would affect the function of the rifle adversely it had plenty of positives. Its 10 shot internal rotary magazine could be loaded by 5 shot stripper clips or by single cartridges. It could be topped off while still loaded, unlike the M1 Garand rifle in service then. It had a multi-lug rotating bolt that was the granddaddy to the AR-15 bolt design.

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The Johnson M1941 Rifle is a Collector’s Favorite [VIDEO]