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Johnny Manziel’s 7 Best Trophies That Aren’t The Heisman

We all know Johnny Manziel is on a hunt for the Heisman, but what other trophies has this famous Aggie been able to bag?

We’ve compiled our favorite photos from the star quarterback’s best moments in the (other) field. While we may not know how he’ll do against Alabama this weekend, we do know he’s a hell of an outdoorsman (whether we like him or not).


There’s no denying he got started at a young age.


Photo via Dallas Morning News

When he’s not throwing touchdowns, he’s casting lines.


Photo via Instagram

Look at this catch!


Photo via Instagram

How many of these kills do you think are actually his?


Photo via Instagram

Hereeeeee’s Johnny! Check out  the quarterback in Stuttgart, AR. Okay, so maybe this isn’t a trophy shot, but you can tell he’s about to go in for the kill.


Photo via Instagram

Looks like he shot down some ducks. Can he do the same to Alabama?


Photo via Instagram

The bottom line is, he knows that Duck Dynasty is the best show on TV. Just look at these trophy Robertsons.


Photo via Twitter

So what do you think? Is Johnny Manziel as good on the hunting field as he is on the playing field? We’ll see this weekend!

Featured photo via Texas A&M Athletics

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Johnny Manziel’s 7 Best Trophies That Aren’t The Heisman