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This 8-Year-Old Ice Fisherman Landed a Brown Trout and a Surprise

Watch an 8-year-old ice fisherman take care of a bruiser brown trout after winning a free guided trip.

According to his guide, professional angler Eric Haataja, Johnny and his father attended one of the pro angler’s seminars back in December 2015, and when it came time to give away a free guided trip, the 8-year-old was asked to come forward and pick out a name.

Well, didn’t young Johnny pluck his own name out of the box!

Here’s one young ice fisherman who had the experience of his life thanks to a professional that donated his services for a day of guided fishing.

Haataja wrote on his Facebook page, “I said come up here and pick a winner out of the box. I mixed up the names and he could not see in the box. I said, ‘Wouldn’t it be funny if you picked your own name’ to the audience. He handed me a name and as I read the name Johnny Arambasich, he said, ‘that’s me’ and the crowd erupted. It was awesome!”

One thing we can’t get enough of is watching kids be successful! It had to be such a sweet feeling for this youngster to have such a nice fish at the end of his line while the adults were cheering him on. One of the best things about it was listening to the grown-ups calmly give him the best advice while he was battling the fish of his life.

Three cheers for Johnny, his dad, and especially his guide for an outstanding day and a memory that he will never forget!


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This 8-Year-Old Ice Fisherman Landed a Brown Trout and a Surprise