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John Denver Loved Fly Fishing, Showed His Skills in Alaska

John Denver loved fly fishing and shows his skills in this retro video from Alaska.

John Denver not only sang about the outdoors, he lived in them. John was an accomplished fly fisherman, and proves his love for it in this short video while pursuing his passion in Alaska. In this clip, John fishes and talks to one of his favorite pastimes, focusing on his second trip to this particular fishing location.

I didn’t know John Denver loved fly fishing and was such an accomplished outdoorsman until I saw this video. It is gratifying to see such famous people passionate about nature and involved in fishing or hunting. It brings light to the conservation aspect of the hobby, as well as works to make the hobby seem ‘cool’ to younger generations that have gotten away from the wilderness.

What always strikes me about well-known people who are active in the outdoors is that the majority always seem much more grounded and project a certain humbleness that goes against the common perception of the rich and famous. Their involvement also tends to attract good media attention and certainly helps with conservation efforts and publicity in keeping the pursuit going for the future.

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John Denver Loved Fly Fishing, Showed His Skills in Alaska