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911 Calls Reveal Joggers in Connecticut Chased by the Same Bear

Two joggers in Connecticut got the scare of their lives when they were chased down by the same bear.

The horrifying moments caught in separate 911 calls show the unmitigated fear of two people being chased by the same bear.

A report said that Clyde Grindal was running in a park near Granby, Connecticut on Monday, May 4, when a large black bear started chasing him. Grindal says he tried to hide behind a tree, but the bear still clawed him. In the 911 call Grindal can be heard saying:

 A black bear… he’s got me cornered here. Go, go, go!

Gridnal was quoted as saying “He got around the tree and just swiped me.”

On the same day, college student Jessica Kraizer was jogging the same park when she was forced to call 911 as well.

Authorities said she told the 911 operator “A bear just chased me for over two miles in the woods. I’m fine.” Kaizer had to use a park bench to separate herself from the bruin.

The bear was so close to me. So I got up and stood on top of the bench.

Authorities have since captured and euthanized the young bear, estimated to be between 16 to 17 months old. It is now being tested for rabies and other health issues being the voracity of the animal’s behavior.

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911 Calls Reveal Joggers in Connecticut Chased by the Same Bear