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Joe Rogan and Steven Rinella Gut a Deer [VIDEO]

Steven Rinella shows Joe Rogan how to gut a deer, and Rogan enjoys the "powerful experience."

This video from MeatEater shows what happens when Steve Rinella takes Joe Rogan hunting.

Rinella walks Rogan through the whole process of field dressing a deer, from cutting the hide to pulling out the entrails.

Rogan said hunting was an experience he had looked forward to doing for a long time and it proved to be "incredibly rewarding" and something he very well might do for the rest of his life.

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Rogan comments on the process, from feeling the heat in the deer's body to understanding the experience of taking an animal's life to sustain your own. He said it was a "powerful experience" that he found "very satisfying."

From his comedic acts to Fear Factor and the UFC Championships, Joe Rogan's been a household name for quite a few years. Now, his most recent venture is joining a movement called Eat What You Kill that is geared towards education the public on hunting for game for food.

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Joe Rogan and Steven Rinella Gut a Deer [VIDEO]