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Joe Rogan Under Fire for Recent Bear Bowhunt

On the heels of public outrage against Metallica frontman James Hetfield for his involvement with the hunting community comes more outcry - this time against the well-loved comedian Joe Rogan.

It all started on June 8th when Joe Rogan was discussing his recent bear hunting trip with friend and fellow bowhunter Cameron Hanes who was co-hosting the day's podcast. The uproar seemed to take a turn for the worst when the image below was shared on Cameron's Facebook page:


Image via: Facebook

Cameron provided some context for the photo with the following statement:

Joe Rogan becomes a bowhunter. Last night, on a memorable bear hunting evening in Alberta, Joe made a perfect shot on this beast. We were hunting from the ground eye-to-eye with the bears when this mature boar offered Joe a shot. As John Rivet captured all the action on film, after months and months of practicing with his Hoyt, preparation finally met opportunity and with adrenaline surging, Joe made the most of it. The boar went 40 yards tops and was down in seconds. Fire up the grill, we are eating bear tonight!

Nothing to see here, right? Just a successful bear hunt with a great friend in God's country. Rogan, ever the ardent fellow, even graced us with a photo of his meal after the kill - a delicious bear steak.


Anyone that tells you bear meat isn't delicious doesn't know what the f**k they're talking about.

Language aside, we've got to agree with him - bear is absolutely delicious!

So what's wrong here? Joe did everything right. He learned how to use his weapon properly. He sought out the knowledge and guidance of a more experienced hunter. He did his homework, tracking and stalking the bear. He made a clean, ethical shot; he even ate his kill!

While the world of sensible folks keeps on turning, those not too bright in the head took this as an opportunity to call-out and bash Rogan for his choices. Warning, some of these responses are a little brusque and may make your blood boil:

Redacted (Source:

(this tweet has since been removed by the poster)


Well, like so many times when adversity has struck Joe, he responded in stride:

Get 'em, Joe! That last one was quite the kicker.

Luckily there is a growing number of sane people in this world who don't see hunting as a 'barbaric sport' or 'blood lust' or anything of the like. Still, we tend to suffer in silence with anti-hunting persons even when the irony is right in front them:


What do you think about this ordeal - did Joe respond in the right way? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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Joe Rogan Under Fire for Recent Bear Bowhunt