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Joan Wulff Earns the Title of First Lady of Fly Fishing

Joan Wulff has earned the title of the First Lady of Fly Fishing through her continued dedication to the sport.

Joan Wulff has been deeply involved in fly fishing since the 1930s and along with her late husband, Lee Wulff, founded the famous Wulff school of fly fishing in the Catskills.

Watch this short bio to see how Joan Wulff has tirelessly promoted the sport and volunteered countless hours of her time to introduce generations to this great pastime.

Joan Wulff has achieved much, winning casting competitions, promoting fly fishing, and instructing newcomers casting skills for over 50 years. The greatest thing she has accomplished has to be introducing many generations of children to the sport through her volunteer work.

Finally, she is also an advisor to the R.L. Winston Rod Company; a great American legacy that produces some of the finest fly rods in America.

Joan Wulff has truly earned the title of the First Lady of Fly Fishing.


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Joan Wulff Earns the Title of First Lady of Fly Fishing