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JJ Watt's Log Cabin in Wisconsin [PICS]

jj watt's log cabin featured
All images via Redfin

These photos of JJ Watt's log cabin in Wisconsin, which he bought to train in this winter, have recently come to light. This place is awesome!

A few months ago, Houston Texans defensive end JJ Watt announced that he had purchased a log cabin in Wisconsin to provide a place he could train in privacy and with minimal distractions this off season.

Well, after a few months of furious searching, reporters have dug up photos of this cabin. One thing is for certain: this place is awesome! If you've ever wanted to see what kind of log cabin a guy who just signed a $100 million contract would buy, here it is!

Before you start looking at these photos, you should realize that all of the photos were obtained from the original online home listing and none of the furnishings in these photos actually belong to JJ Watt, so don't judge him for the frilly towels in the bathroom (though you'd have to be pretty brave to do that).

Among other awesome amenities, the house features a gigantic detached garage/barn. JJ said that he planned on turning the barn into a gym. Well, the building is obviously big enough to build a hell of a gym inside it.

jj watt's log cabin garage


When you're a 6'5", 290-pound, athletic freak of nature, you've got to eat a lot of food to keep going. Luckily, this log cabin has an amazing kitchen, allowing him to cook up plenty of grub to keep feeding the machine.


jj watt's log cabin kitchen


After a long day of lifting weights and fighting bears in the snow, it's nice to have a place where you can take a long, hot shower to wash off the mud and the blood. JJ Watt's log cabin features a massive bathroom with a walk-in shower which is perfect for his needs as a hard-training athlete.


jj watt's log cabin bathroom


Here's hoping that he has a good off season and is able to do some serious training in his log cabin. JJ Watt was an absolute beast last year. It's scary to think about how good he could be this year...

All images via Redfin

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JJ Watt's Log Cabin in Wisconsin [PICS]