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Jimmy Kimmel Responds to the Killing of ‘Cecil’ the Lion [VIDEO]

Nearly everyone has heard about the alleged poaching of ‘Cecil’ the lion by now. See what Jimmy Kimmel has to say about the incident.

In case you’ve haven’t heard the news, here’s the short version of how things went down.

Walter Palmer, a dentist from Minnesota, paid at least $50,000 to go on an outfitted archery lion hunt in Zimbabwe. He hired a professional hunter and received permission to hunt property bordering Zimbabwe Hwange National Park.

“Cecil” the lion, who had been a fixture at the park for years, was outfitted with a GPS tracking collar and monitored for an Oxford University study.

The hunters are accused of dragging an animal carcass behind a jeep to lure “Cecil” the lion out of the park at which point Palmer shot the lion with his bow. After tracking the poorly-hit lion, the hunters finished it off with a gun.

Watch the video to see Jimmy Kimmel’s reaction to the story.

Kimmel’s reaction to the killing of “Cecil” the lion, while humorous, also serves as a reminder to all hunters that the world is watching.

The worst thing we can do for our sport is alienate non-hunters who support hunting like Kimmel. Hunters should strive to make clean, ethical kills and follow all applicable game laws.

Palmer claims to have had no knowledge that he was hunting “Cecil” the lion until the hunt was over and it was too late.

Palmer, a prolific hunter, the landowner, and the guides, have all been charged with poaching by Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority and are currently awaiting trial.

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Jimmy Kimmel Responds to the Killing of ‘Cecil’ the Lion [VIDEO]