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Jim Shockey’s Top 10 Coolest Big Game Pictures from Instagram

Jim Shockey instagram
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You may think Jim Shockey only takes selfies, but this hunting celebrity has some of the coolest, biggest big game Instagram pictures.

There is quite a fun poke at one of the worlds most recognized hunters, Jim Shockey, when it comes to his Instagram account. Many of his followers, including some celebrity hunters, share their love for the hunter who takes so many selfies. If you ask me, the man has put his time in and is one of the most respected hunters in the world, I say take as many selfies as you want sir.

Aside from his selfies, however, Jim Shockey travels to several different countries to hunt big game. His Instagram account holding his selfies, also holds many awesome pictures of his hunts. Below are the top ten, biggest and coolest big game animals we found on his Instagram account.

1. Suleiman Markhor

2. German Mihailov

3. Muskox

My first muskox with a bow!! -70 wind chill in the arctic – doesn't get much better than this!!

A photo posted by Jim Shockey (@jimshockeyofficial) on

4. Brown Hyena

The brown hyena, taken in broad daylight in the Namib desert #Namibia #hunting #hyena #predatorcontrol @noslerinc

A photo posted by Jim Shockey (@jimshockeyofficial) on

5. Blue Wildebeest

6. Ancient Oryx

7. Red Lechwe

8. European Wild Boar

9. Okhotsk Snow Sheep

Ancient Okhotsk snow sheep! 12 years old. 130 yard shot!! #Russia #unchartedTV #sheephunt

A photo posted by Jim Shockey (@jimshockeyofficial) on

10. Yukon Moose

My biggest moose ever! Potential world record with a muzzleloader!! #Yukon

A photo posted by Jim Shockey (@jimshockeyofficial) on

It’s safe to say Jim Shockey is, and will always be, a legend when it comes to hunting and conservation. He and his daughter, Eva, work very hard to spread the love, when dealing with negativity towards hunting and for that I am thankful.

I have had the luxury of watching many of Jim Shockey’s videos but my favorite of these group of pictures from Jim Shockey’s Instagram is the Muskox. The story behind that hunt is incredible, as are most of his hunts. He and his son Branlin, the brain and videographer behind Jim Shockey’s Uncharted, made their way in fierce temperatures below -35 degrees with wind chills below -70 degrees to accomplish this magnificent animal.

Whether it is a selfie or from behind one of his game animals, Jim Shockey will forever be a hunter, husband, father, and person, that we all wish we could be, even for a day.



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Jim Shockey’s Top 10 Coolest Big Game Pictures from Instagram