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Jim Shockey’s Stolen Gun Safe Shows up in Saskatchewan


The case of Jim Shockey’s stolen gun safe has seen a breakthrough.

In February we shared news of Jim Shockey’s gun safe that he reported stolen after thieves broke into his home in Canada. They took the safe and the prized family firearms, most of which were irreplaceable, that were inside.

On Thursday Shockey shared an Instagram photo breaking the news that the safe had been found, albeit it opened and apparently emptied.

Details remain vague, even for Shockey himself. According to his Instagram post, the safe was opened using a “plasma torch,” and that a person named Brad Dunlap was the one who found it.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police are continuing the investigation, but as Shockey put it in his post, they are “one step closer to catching their man!”



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Jim Shockey’s Stolen Gun Safe Shows up in Saskatchewan