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This Was Jim Shockey’s Most Dangerous Hunt [VIDEO]

Hunting legend Jim Shockey shares his most dangerous hunt to date.

Jim Shockey is known for traveling to some of the world’s most dangerous places and hunting equally dangerous animals. He has a huge number of safaris and hunting expeditions under his belt, but this hippo hunt ranks at the top.

The hunt took place in Tanzania, near the Selous area. Take a look at this shocking footage, and get a sense of what this dangerous hunt was like.

Hippos are some of the most dangerous animals in South Africa and account for highest death toll of the big five most dangerous animals in the world. The big five include elephants, leopards, hippos, lions, and water buffalo.

Shockey’s goal was to harvest the animal on land rather than water. Hippos spend most of their day in the water, because their skin is sensitive to the sun.

It’s difficult to image what it would be like to see a hippo charging in my direction. Thankfully, Shockey and his crew were okay and able to share this story.

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This Was Jim Shockey’s Most Dangerous Hunt [VIDEO]