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Was Jim Shockey Really an Underwear Model?

Most hunters think of Jim Shockey as a tough, talented hunter, but what did he do before he made it in the hunting industry?

That’s exactly what the guys from the Natural Born Hunter podcast were looking to find out when they had the opportunity to interview Shockey earlier this year.

Listen in as the show’s hosts try to get to the bottom of the underwear model rumor.

So, there you have it. Jim Shockey was an underwear model, “but not very much.” Really, who can blame the guy, he was getting paid well to get his photo taken in his skivvies and, like he said, it was free advertising.

The rest of the podcast is also pretty interesting. Listen to the complete podcast to learn Jim Shockey’s views on hunter/athletes, mental toughness, and how niche antiques helped him get his start in the outdoor industry.



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Was Jim Shockey Really an Underwear Model?