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Jim Shockey Finds Another Nature Oddity: Dead Moose Wrapped Around Trees

Photos via Facebook/Jim Shockey

Jim Shockey recently posted pictures on Facebook of a dead moose he found in the woods. It died by somehow getting stuck between the trees. 

Nature can be a cruel place; a place where animals die from natural causes that are seemingly more brutal and potentially more painful than a hunter’s bullet.

Jim Shockey recently came across a dead moose that must have gotten its hoof stuck between two trees. In an attempt to free itself, it instead must have wrapped itself around the tree and seemingly died of starvation.


Many Facebook comments suspect that the moose may have been trying to reach the top branches to eat and must have slipped and gotten stuck.

Others suspect it could have been swept up in an avalanche or it may have been attempting to rub its antlers on the tree by using its hooves for leverage.

Unfortunately, any theories are only speculation. We will never know how the moose met its end.

One thing is for sure, the moose starved to death due to being stuck in the tree, since there were no signs of predators. The dead moose was untouched.

Leave it to Jim Shockey to find nature’s many oddities deep in the snowy backcountry.

Have you ever found anything like this in the woods?

Photos via Facebook/Jim Shockey


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Jim Shockey Finds Another Nature Oddity: Dead Moose Wrapped Around Trees